Carve Out Time for Creativity: Linocut Workshops in Folkestone with Fabia

As you may or may not know, a few years ago, I took on the role of 'Designer in Residence' at a secondary school. Essentially, I was a design, art, and graphics teacher, along with being a workshop technician. Despite it being the lowest wage I have received to date, the experience provided me with invaluable insights. It became apparent that children are in dire need of more encouragement in the realms of art, drawing, and hands-on crafting. In an era dominated by online activities, not just children but adults too, seem increasingly uncertain about their creative abilities.


This is why linocutting and printing is such a fantastic art form. You don't have to be 'amazing at drawing' (although I will adamantly continue to tell anyone who can pick up a pen or pencil with their hands, feet, or mouth and make marks that yes, they can and yes, they are an artist!). Your expression and creativity can be conveyed through the marks, layering of prints, the way you use ink, the paper you use and even through collage, painting, and other techniques afterward.


This year had a bit of a rocky start, echos from the start of 2023 perhaps, when I ended up in hospital and 6 months recovering from a subdural haematoma (brain bleed) unexpectedly. But from difficulties and struggles, as often is the way, clarity and ideas can bloom. Hitting 'rock-bottom' this time last year I was lifted up by community, friends and family in Folkestone. I have since opened my own shop (with my business partner Georgia) and am now starting to give back and integrate further in this wonderful, artistic, friendly community.

Just over a week ago, I held my first in-person linocut class at The Beer Shop, Folkestone. In this class, I introduced students to this art form: Taking them through how to safely carve, how to make marks, the different materials and tools you can use. Providing prepared designs for them, semi-carved linoleum blocks to get them started and a longer class time in a relaxed, not art-room environment takes away the anxiety a lot of people have when learning a new skill.


The Beer Shop has been a space where I've forged countless friendships. Many afternoons have been spent socialising and working in their bright yet cosy space, while evenings have been filled with open mics and dancing. However, I'm eager to bring families together, introduce adults and their children to Linocutting and printing and the delights of Folkestone. Imagine a jam-packed day trip to our fabulous seaside town, where you can visit The Creative Quarter (pop in to my shop Bloom&Whimsy of course to browse our wonderful selection of art, gifts and homeware), enjoy local eateries, explore the sea- and countryside, and, of course, learn a new skill.

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Sign up for my website newsletter to stay informed about upcoming events like my next 'Carve Out Time - Introduction to Linocut Workshop' (Tuesday 18th June 6.30-9.30pm) or if you're local and interested in joining my 'Pint and Print Club' or upcoming 'Carve Out Time - Creative Drop-ins' for ages 10 and up. The 'Creative Drop-ins' provide flexibility for families and groups to carve out time for 30-minute classes at any point throughout the day. In the class, I'll guide you through carving your own (very) semi-permanent tattoo designs. Inspired last year when getting my first tattoo; I realised that small, fun, simple carvings could be a playful introduction to linocut, freeing you from the pressure of creating a 'perfect' art piece. Your designs can still be beautiful and intricate or fun and silly – they don't need to be 'gallery ready.'


I look forward to meeting you in person soon, and I'm always open to hearing your advice and ideas on content, structure, and designs. Your input is greatly appreciated!