Sustainability Policy

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Art, Gifts & Home Decor

At Fabia.H.Goff we want to bring colour, joy and pattern into your home but not at the cost of the planet. We are dedication to keeping the business as eco-friendly as possible. All our products are made by hand, locally or in small batches, in the UK using local, recycled and plastic-free materials wherever possible.

  • We use 100% recycled paper for our art prints and high quality, vegetable-based inks.
  • We offer wooden and recycled acrylic pin badges as an alternative to enamel pins which are produced in the UK and use materials otherwise destined for landfill or that use 20-24 times less energy to produce.
  • We use paper and cardboard packaging, postal tubes without plastic caps and alternatives to single-use plastics wherever possible. We often reuse cardboard and supplier packaging too as reducing excess packaging is a priority for us.

Product Transparency

  • Our art prints, cards, postcards and business cards are made in the UK, are made using recycled paper and card and can be recycled.
  • Our pins and stickers are made by Zap Creatives. Our stickers are sustainable, eco-friendly and can be recycled. Our wooden pins are made from sustainable wood. Our acrylic pins are made from recycled acrylic.
  • Our fabric wall hangings are made using organic, premium materials, use vegetable based inks and are made by hand, in house. We use a local printer, down the road from us to print designs and have sourced FSC certified wooden rods and even recycled cork cord for hanging them.
  • Our teatowels (turned tapestries) are premium quality, unbleached cotton panama and are made using vegetable based inks as well. We order these in batches from our supplier based in Southampton.
  • Our packaging is all made from either kraft paper or recycled. We use unbleached tissue paper and paper tape wherever possible. We even design posters and flyers to be able to reuse these time and again rather than printing more for each event/discount.