Linoprint Kit - Carve Out Time

Linoprint Kit - Carve Out Time

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x1 Tester linoleum block (to practice carving and marks)
x1 A6 partially carved linoleum block
x1 A6 linoleum block with a design ready transferred
x1 A5 (easy carve linoleum) for your next project
x2 A6 Traditional linoleum block to experiment with
x1 Palette knife 
x5 A7+ size paper and fabric scraps for collaging
x1 pot of PVA Glue (150ml) 
x1 quality brush for the application of the glue
x1 Inking Tray
x1 15cm Lino Roller
x1 ABIG Lino Cutting Set with 5 cutting nibs
x1 Tube of Printing Ink - Black (120ml)
x1 Plastic Printmaking Baren 
x10 MRKZ A4 240gsm sheets of premium quality multi art paper
x8 A5 sheets of premium quality paper
x8 A5 sheets of newsprint paper to test print with
x3 original A6 Fabia.H.Goff designs on paper (scaled to transfer)
x4 sheets of A6 Tracing paper for transferring your designs
x10 registration tabs for print aligning 

Designed by:
Fabia.H.Goff, Kent based Artist and Designer: with over 14 years linocutting experience, a degree in Product Design from Brunel University and 10+ years industry experience, Fabia makes has curated a kit that includes everything you need, including a helping hand to get you started; with a semi-carved linoleum block.

Fabia's artwork and Linoprints can be found in:
- Bloom&Whimsy in Folkestone,
- Canterbury Cathedral Gift Shop,
- The Beaney House of Art & Knowledge in Canterbury,
- Sids Emporium in Tenterden,
- Redrock Gallery in Faversham and
- Worldwide online.

Fabia has designed patterns, motifs and illustrations for brands including John Lewis, Laura Ashley and The White company and won three awards for the pattern design on the 'Worlds First Dress Release'. She has sold work in various shops including the famed 'Wolf&Badger' and hopes to one day, stock in Liberty London.